12 July 2007

Witness in Hague trial of ex-Kosovo PM murdered - Serbian TV

BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - February 16, 2007 Friday

Text of report by Belgrade-based B-92 TV on 16 February

[Presenter] News just in. As we have learnt unofficially, one of the few witnesses in the trial of former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj at the Hague tribunal has been murdered. We were unable to get a confirmation for this news from the Hague prosecution where we told that checks were under way.

The trial of Haradinaj, a former Kosovo Liberation Army [UCK in Albanian] commander and the former Kosovo prime minister was scheduled to resume on 3 March. [Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor] Carla Del Ponte's team said on several occasions that it had difficulties finding witnesses in Kosovo who would confirm the allegations that Haradinaj was responsible for crimes committed in 1999.

As B92 has learnt, the prosecution managed to ensure less than 10 witnesses for these proceedings.

Source: B92 TV, Belgrade, in Serbian 1500 gmt 16 Feb 07