12 July 2007

Slovak, U.S. positions on Kosovo differ - Kubis

CZECH NEWS AGENCY, Wednesday, February 21, 2007 9:01 PM


New York, Feb 21 (CTK) - Slovakia prefers consultations that would bring Kosovo Albanians and Belgrade to the support of the international plan drafted by U.N. envoy Martti Ahtisaari, but the USA insists on the adoption of the plan despite the disagreement of either of the parties involved, Foreign Minister Jan Kubis told journalists today. Kubis discussed Kosovo with U.S. senior officials in Washington on Tuesday. Kubis said he feared that if both parties did not voice support to the plan, "very difficult developments may appear." The USA "says clearly that even if the plan is not supported by some party, it will be necessary to work with and implement it," he added. According to the USA, the plan must be backed by EU and NATO countries. Or else, the state that would not support the measures, "will bear full responsibility for a crisis development in the Balkans," Kubis said about the American position. The plan for the future of Kosovo gives Kosovo independence in all but name and opens the door to genuine independence for Kosovo. It has been rejected by Serbia and hailed by ethnic Albanians. The idea that Kosovo would become almost independent is opposed by most Slovak parties, both from the government and the opposition. It was only welcomed by the Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK). Kubis said that Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Daniel Fried "said clearly in Washington" that any position that would bind the government on the steps to be acceptable only for Belgrade was "harmful."