13 July 2007

Kosovo Serbs concerned by security situation

Radio Television Serbia, Belgrade, Monday, February 26, 2007 19:46


Representatives of Kosovo Serbs have expressed their concern following the incident in Pec.


Serb List for Kosovo and Metohija president Oliver Ivanovic stated that this was not a random event.


"I am convinced that it prepares the field for demonstrations announced by representatives of the Self-Determination movement for Saturday in Pristina, which could be violent and very dangerous," said Ivanovic.


It appears that UNMIK and KFOR are not doing enough to provide general security and Serbs must take care of themselves. If we take into consideration that similar incidents in the past have remained unsolved, it is completely certain that this one will not be solved, either, said Ivanovic.


It is important that KFOR and UNMIK admit that they are not in control of the situation, he added.


Serb National Council for Kosovo and Metohija vice-president Rada Trajkovic stated that this morning's explosion shows not only "that the full capacities of the Albanian terrorist nucleus in the province have been preserved" but that they have grown even stronger.


The intent of the explosion was twofold and represents a classic example of pressure on the Hague tribunal where former Kosovo premier and one of the former commanders of the KLA in Metohija Ramush Haradinaj departed this morning, said Trajkovic.


"Extremists in Kosovo are therefore using these means to try to dictate the content of the final proposal of UN special representative Martti Ahtisaari, as well as political processes in the province," she added.