12 July 2007

Kosovo Liberation Army claims responsibility for bomb attack

BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - February 20, 2007 Tuesday

Text of report in English by Croatian news agency HINA

Pristina, 20 February: The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in which three UN vehicles were damaged on Monday, saying that the attack was an act of revenge for the death of two Albanians killed in recent clashes over the UN plan on the future status of the province.

In a statement sent via e-mail on Tuesday, the KLA said that it had regrouped to "avenge the death of the two protesters" killed in the recent demonstrations in Pristina organized by the movement Self-Determination, and that Monday's attack had not been intended to cause any casualties.

The now disbanded guerrilla group fought for Kosovo's independence from Serbia during the 1998-1999 conflict.

There were no casualties in the bomb attack in downtown Pristina, in which three vehicles were damaged, but the incident has increased tension as talks on Kosovo's future are approaching.

The attack has contributed to the atmosphere of insecurity in Kosovo, with the Self-Determination movement saying that today it would announce the dates of new demonstrations against the UN plan which it believes does not go far enough in giving Kosovo independence, offering internationally supervised statehood to the Serbian province.

Source: HINA news agency, Zagreb, in English 1203 gmt 20 Feb 07