13 July 2007

KFOR: No evidence of KLA activities

B92, 21 February 2007 18:15


NIS -- There's no evidence that the Kosovo Liberation Army is still operative, KFOR commander says.


KFOR Commander Roland Cather said the KFOR was ready to respond to any violent action in Kosovo.


Kather met with Zdravko Ponos, Chief of General Staff of Serbian Armed Forces, today in Nis.


Commenting on the recent incident in downtown Pristina and the fact that KLA has claimed responsibility for the blast, Kather said he believed that some other criminal group was behind the bomb attack.


"I have no evidence at the moment to substantiate the claim that Kosovo Liberation Army was indeed to blame. I've talked to all political leaders in Kosovo on the subject and we've all agreed that the some other criminal group was behind the explosion. KFOR will keep monitoring the situation in Kosovo along with UNMIK and the local authorities", he said.


Kather concluded that the overall situation in Kosovo was calm and that the vast majority of Kosovo citizens dreaded violence.


Zdravko Ponos said that Serb Army troops deployed along administrative border with Kosovo had the capacity to control the situation. "I am satisfied that Mr. Kather and I agreed that both KFOR and the Serb Army are well-prepared to secure the border", Ponos said.