12 July 2007

Ambulance stoned in village of Kosutovo in Kosovo

Radio Television Serbia, Belgrade, Tuesday, February 20, 2007 20:39

An ambulance transporting a seriously ill patient, 55 year-old Gordana Bascarevic, from Zubin Potok to the health center in Kosovska Mitrovica was stoned on the road from Zubin Potok to Kosovska Mitrovica near the village
of Kosutovo, which is inhabited exclusively by Albanians.

The patient was admitted to the internal medicine section of Mitrovica Hospital. Deputy director of the Mitrovica Health Center Milan Ivanovic said that Mrs. Bascarevic "suffers from a serious heart condition and was hospitalized in poor condition and in a state of aggravation due to the attack on the ambulance".

In a statement for RTS, the patient's husband, Zoran Bascarevic, explained that three young men aged about 17 years were standing by the side of the road and one of them was throwing stones at the vehicle. Luckily, he did not hit the glass or even more serious injuries would have resulted.

The attack occurred despite a Kosovo police escort, which immediately took the damaged vehicle to the police station in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica for an assessment of damage.