03 June 2007

Russia, China urge compromise, not time-bound solution on Kosovo

Itar-Tass (Russia), January 31, 2007 Wednesday 12:48 AM EST

BEIJING, January 31 - Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov and his Chinese counterpart Zhang Yesui have discussed the situation in Kosovo.

"Our positions on Kosovo coincide with China. We both call for the search of a compromise solution, not time-bound, to reach an outcome that will contribute to stronger peace and stability not only in the Balkans, but in a wider context,'' Titov said in an interview with Itar-Tass on Wednesday.

That how Kosovo's future will be resolved "will be of very considerable importance and will project on other regional and international situations,'' he said.

"The world community for the first time faces separation not of a constituent territory of the federation, not of a sovereign republic, but of a part of one state. If such separation takes place without consent of this state, this will create an extremely negative precedent for other situations,'' Titov said.

"We consider these consultations (in Beijing) as one more step to expand our foreign policy cooperation with China within the framework of the existing strategic partnership,'' he said.