05 May 2007

Halimi: Kosovo will reflect on south of Serbia

Beta news agency, 2 February 2007 15:53

NOVI SAD -- Riza Halimi believes it is realistic to expect the Kosovo issue to "reflect" on the south of Serbia.

The Presevo Valley Albanians Coalition representative told Novi Sad's Gradanski List that he expected the international community to be able to provide security and stability in Kosovo, as well as that he did not predict any conflicts.

"Since the Presevo Valley neighbors the region, Kosovo problems have always reflected here directly, and naturally the same will happen this time, however I hope that the citizens of Kosovo will accept the status solution as their common interest", Halimi said.

Halimi, whose coalition has won one seat in the recent parliamentary elections, called on all "positive forces" to engage in order to overcome possible backlash in the south.