20 April 2007

Serb man from Babin Most released by police after questioning

Radio Television Serbia, Belgrade, Friday, January 26, 2007 23:02


Members of the Kosovo Police Service have released Zivojin Dancetovic from Babin Most near Obilic, who was detained for illegal possession of firearms, after taking a statement in the police station in Obilic, advised the KPS.


During the investigation of the murder of KPS member Avni Kosumi on January 3 on the highway from Pristina to Mitrovica near the village of Babin Most, the police obtained information that there were illegal weapons in the house of Dancetovic.


"On Friday at about 3 p.m. police searched the house and on that occasion found one TT pistol, one AK-47 automatic rifle (Kalashnikov), two semi-automatic rifles, and about 250 bullets of 7.62mm caliber," said the KPS headquarters in a written statement.


By the decision of the local prosecutor Dancetovic was released and returned to his village after questioning.


The legal procedure in connection with illegal possession of firearms will continue according to the regular process, says the statement.


As part of the investigation into the killing of policeman Avni Kosumi Serb houses have been searched three times thus far and members of the Simic family have also been arrested. During the past three days some 30 other Serbs have been questioned and detained.