23 March 2007

Shots fired at Kosovo Serb returnees

BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - December 29, 2006, Friday


Text of report by Serbian TV satellite service on 29 December


[Presenter] Unknown assailants have fired shots at the house of Branko Mazic in Klina, Serb sources from Kosovo have told Tanjug, which has been confirmed by the Kosovo police. No-one was wounded in the attack.


Returnees Vlada Radosavljevic and his wife Bosiljka were sleeping in Mazic's house at the time of the attack. The police arrived at the scene five minutes after the attack and established that a number of holes in the windows were caused by bullets from firearms.


The police found two unexploded hand grenades on the first floor of the house. This is the third armed attack against Serb returnees in Klina in the second half of this year.


In September, a grenade was thrown at the flat of the Pavlovic family which wounded four members of the family. Three months earlier, on 19 June, Slobodan Popovic was killed in his home in Klina.


Source: RTS SAT TV, Belgrade, in Serbian 1100 gmt 29 Dec 06