22 March 2007

Serbian official urges UN Kosovo envoy to condemn rail terrorist attack

BBC Monitoring International Reports - December 11, 2006 Monday


Text of report by Serbian TV satellite service on 9 December


[Presenter] The director of the government's media relation's office, Srdjan Djuric, has asked the UN special envoy for Kosovo, Martti Ahtisaari, to finally condemn [ethnic] Albanian separatists and their latest terrorist attack, the blowing up of the Zvecan-Kosovo Polje railway line.


Ahtisaari's persistent silence and avoidance of condemning Albanian terrorist attacks is incomprehensible, Djuric told Tanjug. Ahtisaari received a mandate from the UN to sharply condemn and punish every act of violence, Djuric pointed out. He said that Ahtisaari's mandate was drawing to a close and that a new envoy would most probably be chosen by mid-2007. Djuric underlined that the UN special envoy had never to date condemned Albanian terrorism and that now was the time to finally do this.


Source: RTS SAT TV, Belgrade, in Serbian 1400 gmt 9 Dec 06