22 March 2007

KFOR is continuing to provide protection of Pec Patriarchate monastery

KiM Info Newsletter 28-12-06

KIM Info-service, Decani, December 28 2006.

Regarding the news published today by some Belgrade media that Italian KFOR reportedly withdraw from Pec Patriarchate Monastery, KIM Info-service contacted mother Charitina, the deputy abbess of the Monastery. Mother Charitina confirmed that KFOR is continuing to provide protection of the Monastery and that nuns feel safe and secure.

KIM Info-service has learned that members of the Italian and Spanish KFOR are regularly providing protection of Serbian Orthodox monasteries in their area of responsibility. Italian Brigade General Claudio Attillio Borrecca, Commander of Task Force West talked to Bishop Teodosije in Decani Monastery two days ago and assured him that KFOR will continue to protect Serbian Orthodox sites.

General Borrecca explained to Bishop Teodosije that one part of his personnel which have so far been engaged on fixed check-points will be used for more frequent mobile patroles around the monasteries, which would only provide higher level of security. He confirmed that fixed check-points at the monasteries will not be dismantled.