14 February 2007

UNMIK and KPS are covering up activities of Albanian terrorism in Kosovo

Serbian Press Agency SRNA, Bijeljina, 08-12-2006 13:43:06


BELGRADE - Neither UNMIK nor the Kosovo Police Service have commented following several armed attacks on civilian and police vehicles in the area of Srbica and Klina carried out last week by members of still unidentified bands of terrorists, advised the Coordinating Center's International Press Center in Kosovska Mitrovica.


In a written statement the International Press Center states that in the village of Vocnjak on the road from Srbica to Klina four masked terrorists attempted to stop a passenger vehicle on the evening of December 1 and opened fire on it from an automatic weapon.


"Despite the fact that the vehicle was hit by at least four projectiles, the driver managed to escape from the terrorists," the statement says.


The International Press Center emphasizes that according to available information the terrorists were in uniform: they were wearing Kosovo Protection Corps uniforms with the insignia of the terrorist KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army).


The statement says that on the same road near the village of Zli Potok on December 4 at about 7:00 a.m. terrorists opened fire on a KPS patrol vehicle and wounded one policeman.


"Following someone's orders, the other policemen turned over the vehicle and filed a report as if a traffic accident had taken place, an obvious attempt to cover up the truth about the activities of Albanian terrorism in Kosovo and Metohija," says the statement.