15 February 2007

Sustainable Serb returns are priority

Serbian Press Agency SRNA, Bijeljina, 07-12-2006 16:09:31


PRISTINA - The president of the Serb Kosovo-Metohija Party Dragisa Miric said that the realization of a program of sustainable returns is the priority for this recently formed political party.


He said that sustainable returns presumes, first of all, the economic strengthening of village environments south of the Ibar where Serbs live.


"We are insisting in our contacts with representatives of the Belgrade government, UNMIK and Kosovo provisional institutions, that in environemtns where Serbs are living every individual and family must live without fear and daily threats," said Miric.


He emphasized that returnees must have the possibility of employment and that it is essential to create conditions for the education and complete health care for children.


"A school must be opened in every Serb environment, even if it has only one student, and health care must be provided," said Miric.


He emphasized that a priority of the Serb Kosovo-Metohija Party is the opening of institutions of higher education and added that the party is asking both the Serbian Government and the Kosovo provisional government to respond to this request.


"In central Kosovo there are approximately 100,000 Serbs and consequently the question must be asked why 200 university professors do not return, which would represent not only a strengthening of the Serb community in terms of numbers but also in terms of intellectual capacity," said Miric.


He said that his party is asking Belgrade to find a solution for payment of a regular monthly subsidy to those families where no one is employed.