14 February 2007

Surroi: Request for the recognition of Kosovo independence

Serbian Press Agency SRNA, Bijeljina, 09-12-2006 18:30:42


SKOPLJE - Member of the Kosovo negotiating team in the negotiations with Serbia on final status of Kosovo Veton Surroi said in Skoplje that Kosovo will soon ask Macedonia and its other neighbors to recognize its independence.


"Resistence to the independence of Kosovo is not ideological but geopolitical and it has nothing to do with Kosovo but with the great powers. Since that is how things are, the great powers need to reach an agreement on overcoming disagreements in order to arrive at an explicit resolution," Surroi said at a gathering in Skoplje.


According to Skoplje media, he emphasized that the possibility of Kosovo's independence being recognized by its neighbors and other individual countries is known to Belgrade, especially keeping in mind that chances are small for a resolution to be adopted by the UN Security Council with an explicit position on the status of Kosovo, which is hindered by the possibility of a veto on the part of Moscow.


Surroi believes that in addition to the neighbors independence will be supported by Switzerland and by some members of the United Nations, thus creating a critical mass for independence to be recognized by the biggest global organization.


Former Macedonian premier Vlado Buckovski is among those who has not excluded the possibility of recognizing Kosovo independence, saying that this would occur after the U.S. decided first to take such a step.