15 February 2007

Protected witness in Suva Reka trial: All the members of the Berisha family belonged to the KLA

Serbian Press Agency SRNA, Bijeljina, 07-12-2006 15:11:34


BELGRADE - Protected witness "A" said today at the trial of those accused of war crimes against civilians in Suva Reka in 1999 that all the members of the Berisha family belonged to the Kosovo Liberation Army.


During clashes between Serbian security forces and the KLA in Kosovo and Metohija on March 26, 1999 in Suva Reka, 48 civilians were killed, mainly women, children and elderly, all members of the Berisha family.


Testifying before the War Crimes Council in Belgrade witness "A" said that Naim Berisha from Suva Reka was the commander of the Black Unit Brigade, which was responsible for executions.


He said that the unit first killed all the Albanians not loyal to the ideals of the KLA, and then began targeting Serbs.


"Gunshots were fired daily from the Berisha settlement in Suva Reka," said the witness, adding that the police se up a security point near the settlement to protect the town from these terrorist attacks.


In the continuation of the trial witness "A" will be questioned by the accused.