15 February 2007

Electrical power donated by Serbia to Kosovo Serbs in 15 days

Serbian Press Agency SRNA, Bijeljina, 07-12-2006 14:54:02


PRISTINA - Head of the Economic Team for Kosovo and Metohija and South Serbia Nenad Popovic said today that Serb households in Kosovo and Metohija can expect to get electrical power donated by the Serbian Government in the amount of 50 million kilowatt-hours in about 15 days.


After a meeting with representatives of UNMIK and the Kosovo Energy Corporation Popovic said that an agreement had been reached for technical teams to begin work in the field on Monday, December 11 to prepare a network for distribution of electrical power.


"We agreed that it is necessary to register all 39,000 Serb households and determine their individual social profile, i.e. ability to pay," emphasized Popovic, emphasizing that the proposal of a donation by the Serbian Government was met with understanding on the part of the collocutors.


Also discussed at the meeting was the question of a second distributor of electrical energy, and an agreement was reached that Electro-Kosmet, a branch of the Serbian Power and Distribution Company, would submit a request to UNMIK for registration and acquisition of a license because UNMIK insists that it cannot recognize Electro-Kosmet's license acquired by the Serbian Power and Distribution Company for all the territory of Serbia some 50 years ago.


Popovic says that it was concluded that the Serbian Government's proposed donation of electrical power was of great assistance to the Kosovo Energy Corporation and the organization of electrical power distribution.


He added that this assistance, valued at 3 million euros monthly, is intended for distribution to Serb households in Kosovo over the next five months.