06 February 2007

Annan: Serbia's Kosovo status delay risky

United Press International, December 7, 2006
UNITED NATIONS, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan says a delay in deciding a future status of Serbia's mainly ethnic-Albanian Kosovo province could be dangerous.

In his report on the work of a U.N. civil mission in Kosovo, Annan warned a delay could provoke additional instability in the province, the Serbian news agency Beta reported Thursday.

Annan's report, dated Nov. 20, will be submitted Wednesday to the U.N. Security Council, Beta said.

Annan urged the Serbian government in Belgrade and leaders of Kosovo ethnic-Albanians in Pristina to refrain from unilateral moves and to relax their diametrically opposed stands on who will govern Kosovo once U.N. administrators and NATO troops leave.

Belgrade says Kosovo will always be part of Serbia while Pristina insists on Kosovo's independence from Serbia.

A U.N. envoy leading Serb-ethnic-Albanian talks is to announce his proposal on Kosovo's future status after Serbian parliamentary elections Jan. 21 and the Security Council is expected to adopt a decision by mid-March.