22 January 2007

No agreement on humanitarian delivery of electricity to Kosovo


Source: Government of Serbia
Date: 24 Nov 2006

Pristina, Nov 24, 2006 - Head of the Economic team for Kosovo-Metohija and southern Serbia Nenad Popovic and president of the Coordinating Centre for Kosovo-Metohija Sanda Raskovic-Ivic failed to reach agreement today with UNMIK deputy chief Steven Schook on a donation from the Serbian government worth 50 million kilowatt-hours of electricity to Serbian enclaves in the province.

Speaking to the press after the meeting held in Pristina, Popovic said that technical conditions of delivery had not been agreed with UNMIK representatives, but he voiced hope that a solution to that problem will be found before December 1 at the latest.

He warned that due to delays, the problem of electricity supply of all households in Kosovo-Metohija, especially Serbian ones, is getting complicated.

Participants in the meeting also discussed turning on again the transmitters of mobile operators Telenor and Telekom Srbija in the southern Serbian province. Representatives of the European Union and UNMIK stuck to their position that these two companies are illegal operators.

According to Popovic, it was agreed that telecommunications experts try to find a solution during the next week, and added that EU and UNMIK have to accept the fact that Telekom Srbija and Telenor have licences for the territory of entire Serbia.