17 January 2007

Loncar: Ahtisaari's secret plan could be dangerous for region

Radio Television Serbia, Belgrade, Wednesday, November 15, 2006 8:25

Minister for state administration and local self-government Zoran Loncar said that if the "secret paper" of UN special envoy for Kosovo and Metohija's status Martti Ahtisaari assumes legal violence and usurpation of our territory, then it represents a great danger and threat to the stability of the whole region.

"Serbia was bombed without a UN Security Council decision and it is absolutely unacceptable for the member countries of NATO to unilaterally recognize the usurpation of 15 percent of Serbia's territory," Loncar emphasized.

He warned that "these are extremely serious reasons why NATO must act strictly within the framework of the UN Security Council, adhere to Resolution 1244 and strictly respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia".

"Anything else would mean that NATO bombed Serbia in order to take 15 percent of our territory from us by force," said Loncar.