28 January 2007

Kurti: Serb returns could lead to war

Beta news agency, Belgrade, Wednesday, November 22, 2006 18:03

Leader of the Self-Determination movement Albin Kurti said that decentralization, extraterritoriality and mass returns of Serbs to Kosovo will not bring independence but unrest and war in Kosovo.

At a press conference in Pristina Kurti presented a brochure by the movement emphasizing the harmful effect of proposed decentralization and extraterritoriality through which Serbia is doing everything possible to leave the people of Kosovo without a government.

Kurti said that Kosovo is losing territory through the decentralization process and, referring to the existence of Serb enclave, that it would become like Palestine.

He believes that decentralization is nothing other than the beginning of a civil war that Kosovo will lose.

"Self-Determination believes that the proposal of the Kosovo side of 5+1 municipalities with a Serb majority (population) is unacceptable because it gives the Serbs a large territory that Serbia wants to have under (its) control, which at the same time can lead to division," said Kurti.

According to Kurti, the people of Kosovo should rise to their feet as in the March 2004 riots not to attack others but the Kosovo Government and UNMIK. He accused Kosovo politicians of lying to their people with statements that the independence of Kosovo is a foregone conclusion.