17 January 2007

All UN Security Council members must unanimously support solution to Kosovo status



Source: Government of Serbia

Date: 16 Nov 2006


Belgrade, Nov 16, 2006 - Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica met today with Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt and stressed that all UN Security Council member states must unanimously support the decision on Kosovo's future status, adding that the solution must be founded on principles of international law and the UN Charter, which are the preservation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of states.


Kostunica pointed out that when NATO bombed Serbia it broke international law and said that it is absolutely unacceptable that any NATO member country breaches international law once more and acknowledges Kosovo independence on its own.


He stressed that Serbia's proposal, that of essential autonomy for Kosovo-Metohija within Serbian borders, is completely in line with basic principles of international law and all European values.


The Prime Minister said that any imposed solution that would not result from a compromise between Belgrade and Pristina would cause serious consequences not only in the region, but also worldwide.


Kostunica said that actual talks between Belgrade and Pristina must take place and recalled that thus far only one meeting was held in Vienna in which UN Special Envoy Ahtisaari took part.


Bildt said it is necessary to find a stable solution for Kosovo-Metohija and pointed to the fact that apart from negotiations on the future status of Kosovo-Metohija, it is important to continue talks on fulfilling standards and ensuring that they are implemented.


He welcomed the adoption of the new Constitution and said that Serbia has made significant progress in reforms, especially in economy, and achieved extraordinary growth in investment, which has also been recognised in the EU report.


Bildt said that Sweden is very interested in improving economic cooperation with Serbia.