18 January 2007

Albanian parliament passes Resolution on Kosovo

Makfax news agency, Skoplje, Tirana, 21.11.2006 11:37

Albanian Parliament passed late Monday a Resolution on Kosovo, recommending that Kosovo should be granted independence, Makfax correspondent said.

"The final status should reflect the aspirations and the will of Kosovo's people for an independent, multiethnic and European state," the document says.

Albanian Parliament pledges full support to the UN special envoy on the Kosovo status talks Martti Ahtisaari and calls on the citizens of Kosovo to continue the co-operation with the UNMIK, the Contact Group and NATO.

Albanian legislators called for restraint and avoidance of provocative and violent acts that would do service to those who oppose Kosovo independence.

Albanian legislators claim that timely Kosovo status settlement and compliance with the criteria on border inviolability, without inner partition of Kosovo, will have a positive impact on long-tern solution to Kosovo issue.

The Resolution also states that any attempt to shift the actual international borders, including the Kosovo's borders, will have a bitter aftermath on stability in the region". /end/