07 December 2006

Serb wounded in Kosovo

FoNet news agency, 9 November 2006 13:18


LETNICA -- Early this morning, unidentified persons shot to the head Milorad Sopic, a Serb from the village of Letnica.


Sopic was wounded while he was working in his yard, in a village near Kosovska Vitina, Radio KIM reports. He was rushed to the Vrbnica health dispensary and later to a hospital in Vranje. Although the bullet was suspected to have lodged in his head, Sopic was still conscious when he was transported to Serbia proper.


Sopic said he heard three gunshots, and was hit by one.


Milorad Sopic is one of the four Serbs that live in Letnica, a village mostly inhabited by Croats. He is married to a Craotian woman and co-owns a restaurant with his father-in-law.


Kosovo police service spokesman Veton Elshani confirmed the attack took place but gave no further information.