11 December 2006

NATO Europe commander says situation in Kosovo completely under control

Serbian Press Agency SRNA, Bijeljina, 13-11-2006 19:26:20

PRISTINA, November 13 - The NATO commander for Europe Gregory Jones said this evening at a meeting with Serb List for Kosmet candidate Oliver Ivanovic that KFOR is in complete control of the situation in Kosovo and expressed his conviction that the sort of violence that occurred in March 2004 will not happen again in the province.

Ivanovic told Srna that during the meeting with Jones he received assurances that 17,000 troops under the auspices of KFOR are prepared to react instantly and that they will not permit violence.

He emphasized that General Jones warned that the closing of KFOR bases in Serb areas in the province is causing unrest and fear among Serbs.

"In addition to the regular KFOR forces in Kosovo and Metohija there are an additional 1,200 U.S. special forces deployed. Today a German battalion from so called reserve forces also began its deployment, which should be a guarantee that KFOR will not permit violence," said Ivanovic.

He said that he received assurances that this was not just an organization to boost the effectiveness of KFOR in realizing the safety of all citizens, especially Serbs.