11 December 2006

Kosovo status should be determined after Serbia elections-Solana



BRUSSLES, November 13 (Itar-Tass) - EU foreign policy and security chief Javier Solana believes that the Kosovo status should be determined after parliamentary elections in Serbia. He made this statement at a meeting with the defence ministers of 25 European Union member countries here on Monday.


Solana stressed that it would be good to give a chance to Serbian elections and see if a strong democratic government can appear in this country, which would be favourable for all the parties concerned. Thus Solana supported the idea of the UN Special Envoy for Kosovo Martti Ahtisaari who last week proposed to make a decision on the status of Kosovo after the Serbian parliamentary elections scheduled for January 21, 2007.


Meanwhile, according to reports coming from Belgrade, Serbian Prime Minister Voiclav Kostunica is certain that the position of Serbia on the Kosovo issue will remain unchanged after the forthcoming elections.


Serbia's stance on Kosovo as being its constituent part is determined in the Constitution and confirmed by the sovereign people's will, the Serbian prime minister said on November 10. The next government of Serbia will pursue the previous principled and consistent policy course for keeping Kosovo. As the UN Security Council will not violate the principles of the UN Charter, any unilateral application of legal violence and an attempt to alienate 15 percent of Serbia's legal territory will have negative consequences and threaten stability in the region, Kostunica warned.