04 December 2006

KFOR to conduct military exercise in Kosovo

Makfax news agency, Skoplje, 7.11.2006 10:19


Pristina - The NATO-led multinational peacekeeping force in Kosovo (KFOR) will conduct a military exercise, starting November 7 till November 9.


The exercise, codenamed Balkan Hawk VI, aims to test the interoperability, sustainability and capabilities of NATO units deployed in Kosovo.


"KFOR will test its units in order to improve their interoperability and capacity, with a main focus on conducting basic operations throughout Kosovo," KFOR said in a statement.


For the time being, more than 17.000 troops are deployed in Kosovo to back the UN administrators and guarantee the peace in the province.


KFOR troops will remain in Kosovo even after the definition of the province's final status.