14 December 2006

Independence is not the only possible solution for Kosovo: Spanish FM

Radio Television Serbia, Belgrade, Monday, November 13, 2006 22:18

The Spanish secretary of state for European affairs Alberto Navarro stated in Brussels that Madrid does not see the independence of Kosovo and Metohija as the only possible solution for the status of the province, emphasizing that the principles of the Helsinki Final Act on the inviolability of borders is still in force.

"We do not believe that independence, even if limited, is the only option for Kosovo," said Navarro after a meeting of the EU Council of Ministers. The Spanish minister also assessed that imposing a solution for Kosovo "would not be the most rational thing". He emphasized that the case of Kosovo is not the same as the case of Montenegro and that the principles of the Helsinki Final Act on the inviolability of borders "is still in force". In this context, Navarro reminded that Serbia recently adopted a Constitution in which Kosovo is defined as an integral part of Serbia.

Romanian foreign affairs minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu stated, also after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, that increasing numbers of EU members are supporting the Romanian position that the solution for the future status of Kosovo and Metohija must be agreed upon and acceptable to both sides.

Ungureanu emphasized the support of Greece and Spain for the Romanian position and reiterated that Romania supports the principle of inviolability of borders for historical reasons as well as because of the negative consequences that a decision not respecting the territorial integrity of countries might have in the Balkans.