30 November 2006

Two persons detained for inciting public disorder in Novi Pazar

Radio Television Serbia, Belgrade, Saturday, November 4, 2006 13:48


Izet Fijuljanin (37) was detained on suspicion of committing the crimes of attempted murder and illegal possession of firearms, while Habib Fijuljanin (33) was detained on suspicion of committing the crime of causing public danger and illegal possession of firearms, advised the Novi Pazar police.


Police said in a written statement that criminal charges have also been brought against 16 persons who took part on Friday in a public disturbance in Novi Pazar, and that they have been detained by criminal courts with the request to initiate criminal proceedings.


On Friday Izet Fijuljanin stopped his vehicle in Prvomajska Street in immediate proximity to the Arap Mosque, where a group of Wahabis was present. Ismail Gicic, Jasmin and Erhan Smailovic approached the vehicle and began to strike it with a wooden pole and with their feet.


Izet then fired multiple shots in their direction, the statement says. Two hours earlier in the Arap Mosque, during religious services, "a verbal and physical attack on the mosque imam and a public disturbance occurred initiated by the Wahabis who were present; at that time, Habib Fijuljanin, who was present among the faithful, shot two bullets from a gun into the ceiling," the statement says.


In the Arap Mosque during prayers radical Islamists belonging to the Wahabi school physically attacked the imam and muezzin of the Arap Mosque in order to impose their own rituals for religious service, resulting in the injury of several of the faithful who attempted to protect the religious servants.


Wahabis are considered to be Islamic extremists and can be recognized by their long beards and pants with shortened legs. Some ten of them interrupted a concert by the group Balkanika in the center of Novi Pazar in April. [...]