07 November 2006

Prizren: One of the last 12

B92, Belgrade, October 10, 2006 16:14

Prizren - Milos Nekic has still not received the keys to his rebuilt house in Prizren from the municipal administration.

The hero of the documentary film "Why I Stayed" shown last night on B92 TV still lives in a temporary home. Protected by barbed wire, he lives among a few other Serbs in a village built for returnees. Nekic did not leave Kosovo even during the days of the most intense violence against non-Albanians. Since 2004 he has been insisting that the city return his house in Prizren.

In the meanwhile the house has been rebuilt but despite appeals to UNMIK and the Kosovo authorities, the key is still in the municipal administration. "I asked for an appointment with the mayor, both orally and in writing, in the month of July. But no one responded. And I don't think they will. I simply do not know who else to appeal to anymore."

Nevertheless, Milos Nekic says he will not stop reminding the international administration and the Kosovo authorities of their obligations toward him on the basis of international contracts. "The right to property, the right to chose one's place of residence are included among basic human rights. My choice on where to live my life has always been Prizren. That's where my forebears, my roots and my little offshoots lie."

Since the arrival of KFOR Nekic has turned his house in Prizren into a fortress because he was coming under attack by Albanians. His freedom of movement was limited to his own yard.

On March 17, 2004 he, too, was forced to flee froM Prizren over the roofs of neighboring houses to avoid death at the hands of the unruly masses. The demonstrators transformed his house into ashes, and the administration rebuilt it. Nekic is still firmly resolved to stay in Prizren and restore good relations with his Albanian neighbors.