01 November 2006

NATO peacekeepers seize 400 kilograms of explosives in Kosovo

Associated Press, Wednesday, October 04, 2006 8:26 AM

PRISTINA, Serbia-NATO-led peacekeepers in Kosovo seized about 400 kilograms (880 pounds) of explosives stashed away in the woodlands of central Kosovo, officials said Wednesday.

The stockpile containing 90 mines, ammunition and hand grenades was found during a routine patrol said Col. Reiner Senger a spokesman for the peacekeepers.

Senger said there was no indication as to whether the cache was a left-over from the 1999 war or a more recent one.

"Some mines are older, some are very dangerous," Senger said referring to anti-personnel mines found in the cache.

The explosives and the ammunition have been transported to KFOR premises and will be destroyed, Senger said.

Last week Kosovo's police discovered six cases containing a total of 72 rocket-propelled grenades.

Fears have been rising of violence erupting in Kosovo as the U.N.-run province approaches a critical stage in talks aimed at settling it's political status. Kosovo's minority Serbs want the province to remain in the realm of Belgrade's control, while majority Albanians want it to become an independent state.