10 November 2006

Kosovo Serb agency reports wildcat construction near heritage sites

BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - October 17, 2006 Tuesday

Text of report by Serbian TV on 17 October

[Presenter] No concrete measures to protect the Serb cultural heritage from unlawful construction and usurpation of property have been undertaken yet despite the letter by special UN Kosovo-Metohija envoy Martti Ahtisaari to UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] chief [Joachim Ruecker].

Unlawful construction around holy Serb sites and monuments continues in Gazimestan [spot where Serbian-led and Ottoman armies clashed during Battle of Kosovo in June 1389], the monasteries of Gorioc and Decani, and in the area of Velika Hoca, the Kosovo-Metohija Information Service has said.

According to the findings of this information service, unlawful construction work near the monument to Serbian heroes [fallen during Battle of Kosovo] continue despite an alleged order issued by Obilic municipality to halt it.

Source: RTS 1 TV, Belgrade, in Serbian 1000 gmt 17 Oct 06