06 November 2006

"Kosovo does not want the Serbian Government's investments"

Beta news agency, Belgrade, Tuesday, October 10, 2006 12:36

Officials of Kosovo provisional institutions believe that the manner in which Serbia intends to invest an announced 30 million euros in Kosovo is inappropriate.

Economics and finance minister Haki Shatri said that manner in which Serbian investments in Kosovo are being promoted is unacceptable and that it is impossible to realize them in the announced manner, writes "Lajmi Eksluzive". According to Shatri, Kosovo institutions were not consulted and did not express their agreements to such investments as announced by the Serbian Government's Coordinating Center for Kosovo and Metohija.

Emphasizing that the Kosovo government is open to investments from all sides, Shatri explained that Kosovo institutions "in principle" do not oppose investments from Serbia; however, it is unacceptable to them that "the investments are made by the Serbian Government".

Minister for returns and communities Slavisa Petkovic assessed that all investments must respect procedures in effect in Kosovo. "Every investment in Kosovo, especially those coming from Serbia, should go through the Kosovo government and cannot be otherwise be accepted," writes "Lajmi" citing Petkovic.