05 November 2006

Kosovo bishop hopes for Russian help on status issue

INTERFAX (RUSSIAN FEDERATION), 11 October 2006, 16:12

Moscow, October 11, Interfax - Kosovo's Serbian Orthodox Bishop has expressed hope that Russia will play a role in protecting the rights of Serbians in Kosovo and resolving the issue of Kosovo's status.

"Now Russia has grown even stronger than ten year ago, and we hope that Russia's voice [in talks on Kosovo] will be heard in New York and Washington," Bishop of the Raska and Prizren Eparchy Artemije Radosavljevic said at a meeting with students at Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman on Wednesday.

The bishop noted the need to extend the terms for holding talks on Kosovo's status, saying it is impossible to settle the issue under the existing schedule - thus by the end of the year - and that "we are going to show everybody that in that case any decision would have to be imposed."