03 November 2006

Explosion in Gnjilane

Beta - 5 October 2006; 12:31

GNJILANE -- A bomb exploded in Gnjilane, near the home of Kosovo's Deputy Prime Minister Naima Behljuljija.

Regional Kosovo Police Service spokesperson in Gnjilane, Naser Ibrahimi, said that the explosion occurred some time around midnight last night, and that the bomb was place in front of Behljuljija's home. The explosive device was very strong, but only caused minor damages.

Immediately after the explosion, KPS officials arrived to the scene, along with the district attorney and KFOR units that specialize in removing explosives. There is no information as of yet on suspects or arrests being made.

This is the third attack in the last several weeks in Gnjilane. The first was an explosion which destroyed the car of Kosovo Internal Affairs Minister Fatmir Rexhepi. Two explosive devices were later planted in front of the homes of two chief advisors of the Kosovo Government.