16 November 2006

Economist: Kosovo will declare independence unilaterally

Makfax news agency, Skoplje, 3.11.2006 11:29


London - Kosovo will unilaterally proclaim independence once the UN Security Council adopts a new resolution that avoids using the word 'independence', British weekly newspaper Economist said.


The paper says the UN special envoy to the Kosovo status talks Martti Ahtisaari will present his plan on Kosovo's future status after elections in Serbia.


Ahtisaari's plan will suggest that Kosovo becomes independent but with limits placed on its sovereignty for some years to come. Furthermore, an international civilain respresentative will be appointed, who will at the same time represent the European Union. The job will come with considerable powers to intervene in the running of Kosovo. The NATO-led force now in place will remain, The Econimist said.


Meanwhile, Russia and the West need to agree on Kosovo resolution, subject to approval by the UN Security Council, which is unlikely to mention the word independence.


Once the resolution is passed, Kosovo's Assembly will declare independence unilaterally, Economist says, adding that some, perhaps most, countries will recognize the new state. /end/