05 November 2006

Ahtisaari prevents illegal construction in Kosovo

Blic daily, Belgrade, October 11, 2006

Chief negotiator for Kosovo Martti Ahtisaari personally asked Pristina to stop construction near Serbian cultural and religious buildings. Ahtisaari sent a letter to UNMIK chief Joachim Ruecker and asked him to freeze construction projects near Gazimestan, Velika Hoca and Gorioc Monastery.

"I have reason to believe that the attempt is being made with this construction to change the situation on the ground and that the negotiations can be further complicated, and consequently the implementation of what is agreed upon in the negotiations," Ahtisaari wrote in the letter seen by "Blic". Ahtisaari emphasized that these locations are on the list of Serbian cultural and religious monuments "which have been defined as future protected zones precisely to limit industrial, commercial and other activities near those locations". He concludes that it would be desirable for work to stop until the decision on protected zones is made.

The Russian agency Rosbalt writes that Ahtisaari has completed his proposal for the status of Kosovo seen by the news agency. According to Rosbalt, the status is not given and the proposed status is formulated in such a way that everyone can interpret it as they see fit. However, the agency adds that cited among the attributes of independents are Kosovo's right to a place in international organizations and the necessity of building "goodneighborly relations with Serbia". (Z. J.)