31 October 2006

UNMIK chief still uninformed about attack in Gora 15 hours after explosion

KIM Radio, Caglavica, October 2, 2006

Kosovo Police Service spokesperson Veton Elshani confirmed for KIM Radio that an explosion occurred in the house of Zecir Zupani and emphasized that police is working intensively on finding the perpetrators. "We still do not have any suspects but we are working intensively on solving this case." Elshani could not give the motive for the attack on the Zurapi house, saying the investigation would determine it.

Monday afternoon in Kosovo Polje UNMIK chief Joachim Ruecker assessed that the security situation in Kosovo is stable. Ruecker said that although there is always the risk of attack, the situation is peaceful and under control. Asked to comment on the explosion that occurred last night in Gora in the house of Zecir Zurapi, the UNMIK chief who was uniformed about the attack, asked where and when in had occurred and then condemned attacks throughout Kosovo. "To be clear, the police is going to the scenes of incidents and carrying out investigations. Perpetrators of crimes should be brought to justice no matter where they occur."