31 October 2006

Explosive device placed in Gorani official's home in Dragas

KIM Radio, Caglavica, October 1, 2006

Sunday night at about 11:00 p.m. an explosive device was placed in front of the house of former Dragas municipality coordinator Zecir Zurapi. At the time of the explosion the Zurapi family was in the house, which is located in the village of Rapca, a few kilometers from Dragas.

"My daughter noticed a black bag the size of a concrete block in front of the door and she called me to see what it was. I came and detected a foul odor; I then told my daughter to run away and returned to call my wife. We were going out the other door when we heard a small explosion, and then a detonation that threw us out of the house," Zurapi told KIM Radio. All the windows and doors on the house were blown off by the strength of the explosion and the windows on neighboring houses were broken.

In recent years Zurapi has succeeded in improving services in the areas of health, education and administration in Gora, and until recent he served as an advisor to the Coordinating Center for Kosovo and Metohija.