29 October 2006

Alekseev says Russia stands ready to use veto against false decision on Kosovo

Makfax news agency, Skoplje, 2.10.2006 13:20

Belgrade - Russia stands ready to use veto in order to defend the international law and the principle of territorial integrity of the countries, if forced to do so, Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandar Nikolaevich Alekseev said in an interview with Belgrade's "Vecernje Novosti".

According to the Ambassador, Russia is committed to reaching a solution based on an international law, and acceptable for both Serbia and Kosovo's Albanians.

"An imposed solution or setting deadlines for reaching it, is totally unacceptable for Russia", Alekseev said.

Moscow is committed for "submitting a proposal for the final status to the UN Security Council, which would be in line with the international law, European security's principles and crises management principles", Alekseev added.

According to the ambassador, exercising the right of veto at the UN Security Council is neither an objective, nor a favorable scenario. "It would only be used as a last resort", he said.

"In fact, Minister Lavrov has voiced a warning: Do not force us to reach out for it", Alekseev explained.