01 April 2006

Sejdiu would go to Vienna only to sign Kosovo independence

Makfax News Agency, Skopje, 3.03.200611:24


The new Kosovo's President Fatmir Sejdiu said he would join the Vienna-hosted negotiations only to sign the independence of Kosovo, adding that this will happen very soon.


In an interview to Vienna's daily Standard, Sejdiu said Pristina tabled serious proposals over Kosovo status talks.


"We want Kosovo for all citizens - Albanians, Serbs and all others. If we ask Belgrade, no Albanian national will live in Kosovo," province's president said.


He stressed that status process is going well, adding that the UN Security Council will make the final decision regardless of pressure by Serbia or by Albanians.


"UN Security Council debated whether the independence could be a possible settlement," Sejdiu said. He refrained from a direct answer when asked whether he is willing to accept a conditional independence.


"All other options, except for independence, exclude independence'," Kosovo's president told Standard daily. /end/