02 April 2006

Refugee bus reportedly stoned by Kosovo Albanians

BBC Monitoring European. London: Feb 26, 2006. pg. 1


Text of report by Montenegrin Mina news agency


Decani, 25 February: A group of some 50 Albanian youths today stoned a bus transporting displaced persons from Kosovo-Metohija who now live in Montenegro.


The chairman of the Alliance of Refugee Associations in Montenegro, Milenko Jovanovic, said that the incident had taken place in Decani and that no-one was injured.


"The incident took place around 1500 [1400 gmt] and the bus, with some 60 passengers on board, was not damaged to a great extent," Jovanovic said.


The displaced persons were travelling to Kosovo to visit graveyards and the Visoki Decani monastery.


Credit: Mina news agency, Podgorica, in Serbian 2032 26 Feb 06