04 April 2006

Chairman of Economic Council on Kosovo: Serbians do not participate in privatization of Kosovo property



"Today, privatization takes place in Kosovo and Metohia. 90% of property is already privatized by Albanians - Serbians do not participate in privatization," stated on March 10 Chairman of Economic Council on Kosovo, Metohija and Southern Serbia of Serbian government N. Popovich at a news conference in Moscow. Topic of the conference was "Status of Kosovo and Metohija: autonomy of independence?", informs a REGNUM correspondent.


"Kosovo is the only place in the world, where there is no goods and people circulation," stated Popovich.


"Except from this fact, as a result of economic crisis in Kosovo, temperature in residential houses dropped to extreme low temperatures during winter. And at the same time, energy plants of the regions potentially can export power," he said.