24 March 2006

Tadic, Kostunica urge Annan to safeguard Kosovo's Serbs

Makfax News Agency, Skopje, Friday, 3.02.2006.


Belgrade, 11:23 - Serbia's top officials will write a letter to the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, asking him to provide more rights for Serbs in Kosovo, said Sanda Raskovic-Ivic, head of Belgrade-based Kosovo Coordination Center.


Serbian government reckons that the letter will be much more significant if written by Serbian top officials, therefore, the letter will be posted on behalf of President Boris Tadic and the Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica.


They will call on the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and the Albanian institutions to work on the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244.


Ivic held talks on Thursday with UNMIK deputy chief in charge of economic development, Joakim Ricker, who advised Ivic to make contact with Annan and tell him about the grievances of Kosovo's Serbs facing the risk of ethnic cleansing. /end/