21 March 2006

Standard implementation slow in Kosovo

Beta News Agency, Belgrade, January 27, 2006 15:10


NEW YORK CITY -- Friday - UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said that the implementation of international standards in Kosovo is moving at a sluggish pace and slowing the process of creating a functioning, multi-ethnic community.


In his most recent Kosovo report, Annan said that the speed of standard implementation is unacceptable, even after the official start of the international discussion of the region's future status.


The UN has ordered a list of standards regarding human rights, democratic institutions, ethnic tolerance and legislation, which Kosovo must fulfil in order to show the international community that it is ready to begin talks of its future status, Annan said.


Annan added that the status discussions, which officially began in November, have not influenced Kosovo officials to make progress in the implementation of standards. He criticized the Serbian minority in Kosovo as well for not participating in Kosovo's local government, and has called on Belgrade to encourage Kosovo Serbs to do something in this regard.