24 March 2006

Shots fired from Kosovo at Serbian police

BBC Monitoring,  January 28, 2006 Saturday


Text of report by Serbian independent news agency FoNet


Bujanovac, 28 January: Unknown persons carried out an armed attack on a police installation in the village of Dobrosin in the Bujanovac municipality yesterday [as received] at about 0450 [0350 gmt], the Vranje SUP [Secretariat of Internal Affairs] said this morning.


The statement says that the attackers came from the direction of Podgradje village in the Gnjilane municipality [in Kosovo], near the administrative line [between Serbia and Kosovo] and from a distance of about 100 metres fired a number of shots at the police installation.


One bullet pierced the sheet-metal police installation entering the kitchen where it ricocheted around a few times.


No-one was injured in the attack.


By the authority of the district court investigating judge, an investigation was carried out by Vranje SUP members, as well as by Kfor [NATO-led Kosovo Force] Multinational Brigade East members, along with the participation of the 78th Motorized Brigade of the Serbia-Montenegro Army.


On 21 November 2000, armed [ethnic] Albanians from the Liberation Army of Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja [OVPMB; UCPMB in Albanian] entered the village of Dobrosin from the Kosovo side and brutally killed three policemen.


Source: FoNet news agency, Belgrade, in Serbian 0956 gmt 28 Jan 06