24 March 2006

Serbs ready to participate in Kosovo

Beta News Agency, Belgrade February 6, 2006 16:57


PRISTINA -- Monday - Kosovo Serb representative Oliver Ivanovic said that Serbian officials are more ready than ever to begin participating in Kosovo institutions.


After a meeting with Kosovo Governor Soeren Jessen-Petersen, Ivanovic said that Kosovo Serb officials have not joined the Kosovo political process in fear that such a move could be misused to create the illusion that "the situation alright" in Kosovo.


"It is now apparent how the status discussions will be conducted, so we are now closer to entering the institutions." Ivanovic said.


He said that his meeting with Petersen was first and foremost aimed at discussing the electricity and phone services crisis in Serbian enclaves in Kosovo. Ivanovic said that the Kosovo Electric Corporation is a legitimate institutions that "we must recognize," adding that Serbs refuse to receive electricity from any other provider.


"The problems with the electricity and phones are things we have already gotten used to, but at such a sensitive time, it is dangerous to disturb or rattle the community. We agreed that nothing that can potentially bother the remaining Serbs, and convince them to leave the region as well, should be done at this time." Ivanovic said.