21 March 2006

Serbia's plan of action for Kosovo

Beta News Agency, Belgrade January 25, 2006 12:03


WASHINGTON D.C. -- Wednesday - With the Kosovo status talks steadily approaching, many are commenting on what the positions of the discussion teams from Belgrade and Pristina should focus on.


Director of the Woodrow Wilson Centre's Eastern European Studies Sector, Martin Sletzinger, said that Serbia can make great use of its discussion trumps.


"Belgrade must remain firm and decisive in expressing its stances, but most keep its actions in accordance with the demands of the international community and arrest all war crimes indictees, which would be of significant help for Belgrade in its political, and later, economic plans. Serbia must also tightly coordinate its stance in relation to Kosovo, not only with Brussels and Washington, but also with Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and Albanian, because an eventual independence of Kosovo would have lasting regional consequences." Sletzinger said.


"Without an effective lobbying position in Serbia, it would be wise of Belgrade to send envoys to Washington to report the stances of the Serbian side to American politicians who would be able to accept them with understanding. The Serbia-Montenegro embassy is doing its part of the job, put it's not enough to have the importance of the Kosovo question in mind. Serbian emissaries need to more readily speak with key people within the Congress and White House." he added.


Serbia-Montenegro Human and Minority Rights Minister, Rasim Ljajic and Kosovo Coordination Centre President Sanda Raskovic-Ivic decided today that an economic team for Kosovo and South Serbia must be formed.


Heading the team will be Nenad Popovic, president of the ABS Holding international company. The team will also include nine experts responsible for various sectors of economic development. The team's goal will be to develop a long-term plan for the economic development of Kosovo and South Serbia, and to participate in the economic portion of the Kosovo status discussions, according to a statement from the Serbia-Montenegro Executive Council.