21 March 2006

Serb police checkpoint fired at from Kosovo

Associated Press, Jan 28, 2006 10:31 AM


BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro-Gunmen from Kosovo opened fire on a Serb police checkpoint at the boundary separating the two, police said Saturday. No injuries were reported.


The attack occurred early Friday in the village of Dobrosin on the boundary separating U.N.-run Kosovo from the rest of Serbia, said the police in Vranje, about 220 kilometers (135 miles) southeast of Belgrade.


The attackers were in Kosovo and repeatedly fired automatic weapons at a police trailer used at the checkpoint, authorities said. One bullet pierced the trailer, but no one was injured, police said.


The area in southern Serbia, bordering Kosovo, was the scene of an ethnic Albanian uprising in 2000-2001, which ended in a Western-brokered peace plan. The region remains tense with occasional incidents.


Kosovo, dominated by ethnic Albanians, officially remains part of Serbia. But it has been administered by the United Nations since a NATO-led bombing campaign in 1999 ended a Serb crackdown on ethnic Albanians seeking full independence.