27 March 2006

Kosumi: No negotiations with Serbia over Kosovo status

Makfax News Agency, Skopje 28.02.200611:31 


Vienna - Kosovo's Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi voiced reluctance to negotiate with Serbia over the future status of the province. He appears confident that Kosovo will join the European Union in 2014.


"How the Kosovars will live in the next 50 or 100 years is not of Serbia's real interest, therefore, we will not negotiate on this," Kosumi told Austrian daily Standard.


Kosumi objects the idea to put Kosovo status on the agenda of the negotiations in Vienna.


"Nobody wants to bring up the question on whether Kosovo should become a state or not. Belgrade, due to a number of inner reasons, cannot accept it. This theme will be negotiated with the international community and the UN Security Council," Kosovo's PM said.


He added that negotiations with Belgrade should cover decentralization, religious and cultural heritage, education of Kosovo's Serbs, their attitude towards Belgrade, relations between Kosovo and Serbia, return of refugees and war compensation.


This process can last four or five months, he added.


Kosovo's PM said he might accept new municipalities where Serbs are in majority, nonetheless, he remains steadfastly opposed to Belgrade's concept, which foresees decentralization based on ethnic criteria.


"There will be no enclaves, ethnic corridors or municipalities being established on ethnic basis," Kosovo's PM Kosumi said in an interview to Vienna's daily Standard. /end/